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Long Beach Pirate Festival 2024


Long Beach Pirate Festival 2024: Chart your course, Pirate Invasion Long Beach is back at our pirate Island Lighthouse peninsula for 2024.

The pirate crew is ready for a piratical good time, and we are inviting you all to join us in the adventure. With the smell of the salty sea, and a cool breeze on a warm summer day, get yar pirate-on and embrace a weekend of skullduggery. With revolving stage bands and acts happening all day, you will never be without entertainment. Back by popular demand is a much larger VIP area, complete with private entertainment and unique libations. Long Beach Pirate Festival has upped their game, and focused on rich quality, with interactive encampments, from sides shows, a bit of history learnin’ and fun first-hand kids games, thar’ be something for the whole family around every turn…and with more foot space at this location, thar’ be plenty to see and do, to fill two days worth. So grab ye’ mates and join us at the Biggest Pirate Fest in the West!

Ahoy! Don’t miss the added pub crawl! Meet Chips the Pirate and take an adventure on Pirate Island Lighthouse Peninsula while visiting local pubs and bars. Receive front of the line drinks and entertainment will cavorting as our own merry band of Pirate Invasion Pirate Crew. Join the crew and have a blast with Chips! For more info – click here.

Long Beach Pirate Festival 2024

Hosted by Captain Morgan Griffin & Co Host / Operations by Bosun Talderoy, Booba & Quartermaster Lycan of Lycan Productions
    June 29, 2024
    Time :
    11:00 am - 10:00 pm
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