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Patches & Pins Expo Long Beach

April 22, 2023 @11:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Patches and Pins Flea Market
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PATCHES & PINS Expo Long Beach CA


Patches and Pins is peopled by tactical visionaries with strategic craftsmanship for handheld treasures. Possessing the skill in which art and technical ability are combined. Our vendors create thousands of unique, custom enamel pins, and other keepsakes every year. Since 2015, P&P has become the essential platform connecting pin makers and pop culture enthusiasts with the public. Growing at a rapid, yet organic pace it’s become the largest public trade show of it’s kind giving you full access to a large exhibitor hall and many other networking opportunities. In recent years, we’ve also welcomed other types of vendors that include vintage finds, limited edition sneakers, and many many other pop culture toys and collectibles. Our events bring together thousands of guests to shop for products and services from vendors of all walks of life. Be a part of a an event that not only supports small brands, but finds delight in designing and illustrating commemorative handheld treasures that spark joy and oftentimes elicit memorable moments. Many could argue that this is more than an event or expedition, but more so a one of kind experience, a day you’ll never forget, and a vibe that can’t be beat!

welcome to

P&P Expo Long Beach

This market will include the following:

Pins, Patches, Stickers, Vintage Toys, Sneakers Vintage clothing, art. food and live music


Date: Saturday April 22nd 2023

Venue: Long Beach City College

:: 1305 E Pacific Coast Hwy

Long Beach, CA 90806

Time: 11am-7pm

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April 22, 2023
11:00 am - 7:00 pm


Long Beach City College, Pacific Coast Campus
1305 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90806
Long Beach, CA 90806 US
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