Maritime Bicycle Courier – CLOSED

By the two-wheeled way of the bicycle, Maritime Bicycle Courier offers a fast and dependable delivery service for food, goods and documents, right here in Long Beach, CA.

Maritime Bicycle Courier is a community-based company to the core, providing an eco-friendly alternative for the transportation of a filling meal from your favorite Long Beach eatery to your home, office or anywhere local (see our delivery drop-off zones). We want to encourage and create better neighborhood sustainability within our beloved beach community and delivering by bike is just one of the ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. So order a lunch, dinner or document delivery from a Maritime courier today!

Delivery Zones / M-Th 8am-10pm / Fri, Sat 8am-11pm / Sun 8-10pm // @maritimecourier // Maritime Gratuity is greatly appreciated. Thank you!