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Scholb Premium Ales

Open today from 2 PM to 6 PM. We have some cans and everything, all 25 beers available in growlers. Bring in a clean Growler and We’ll sanitize it so you don’t have to increase your glass collection.

Growlers and cans fresh and ready for consumption! Get them while they’re hot, I mean cold.

Scholb in Long Beach CA is a family owned brewery that creates a wide variety of fresh, high-quality beers. Many styles are bold and hoppy in the West Coast tradition with others following old world styles. This variety of beer allows our knowledgeable beer servers find the perfect beer for every person. Our craft beer is as unique as the people who drink it. Our second location in Long Beach features a full dining experience using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The rotating menu will keep you coming back to enjoy great food along with great beer.

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