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Taboon Mediteranean

Taboon is a unique Mediterranean eatery offering authentic cuisine in a relaxing environment. The Arab people consider meals to be a social experience and even an art form. Taboon brings a distinctive atmosphere and attitude of Middle Eastern dining to life. A beautiful restaurant and friendly staff will transport you to a fantastic dining experience. Whether you are new to dining or are a savvy gourmand looking for an exciting dining venue or venue space there is something for everyone. Their extensive offerings include Kababs, Shawarma, Tabbouli, Falafel, and a homemade Baba Ghanouj and Hummus. They also serve soup, salads, and Fatayer. Both meat and seafood offerings and a full complement of vegetarian/Vegan items to suit every need. New items, such as a spicy Piper’s Peppers, offer a singular taste experience not found in other restaurants.

Add onto this seafood boils! Pounds of prawns or, if available, crab legs are thrown into a boil of your choice. There are four options: the house sauce, “Diabla” sauce, garlic butter, or lemon pepper, with potatoes and cobs of corn.

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